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McDonald Oil

McDonald Oil is the parent/holding company of Summit Food Stores.  Owned by John McDonald and family, McDonald Oil has grown into a first class oil company.  With it’s focus on quality products and fuel, McDonald Oil is a pillar of each community it serves.  The company is a Shell Oil wholesaler as well as operates it’s chain of Summit Food Stores.  Each Summit Store, led by the vision and mission set forth by John, focuses on cleanliness and friendliness.  If you ask patrons, they will undoubtedly say that the staff of each Summit Food Store is one of the friendliness in town.

Now being led by Tim Huff, Summit Food Stores and McDonald Oil are taking things to another level.  Each Store will have an individual online location, and will utilize both Desktop and Mobile Searches to feed their location based content to online consumers.  Whether searching for information about their gasoline, lottery results, coffee, operating times, or anything pertaining to each location, the vision of Tim has made this a reality.  Summit and McDonald Oil will truly be in the 21st century.  And, one of the best aspects of this new endeavor is their ability to post and manage all job openings and applications online.

McDonald Oil, with the leadership of John McDonald and Tim Huff, refuse to stand around and let things pass them by.  They are true forward thinkers and believe that in order to continue to serve each community in the best possible way, they must always look ahead.  This is something they have always done and is something that they will continue to do.

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